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Visitors are required to have a valid visa to enter Vietnam (except for some countries are waived for entry visa such as Singapore, Russia…).

At present, one-month tourist visa can be obtained either at the Vietnamese Embassies abroad or upon arrival. The three-month business visa can only be obtained through Vietnamese Embassies abroad. When you request a visa, be sure to stipulate whether you need a ‘Multiple Entry” or ‘Single Entry” visa.


By consulting with doctor, visitors should be inoculated against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A & B, tetanus and polio before traveling. Malaria is present in most of the region and it is advisable to take precautions especially if traveling off the beaten track or trekking in the forest. While medical facilities are limited in all countries, so it is essential to take out a good medical insurance policy before traveling in case evacuation is needed.

Besides, if you are coming from an area where the yellow fever disease is present, the vaccinations are definitely required.

Currency exchange

The official currency “Đồng”, is non-convertible. The US dollar is widely accepted among major shops and restaurants. Travelers checks can be cashed at authorized foreign exchange outlets and banks, and it’s required the holder’s passport to complete the process. There is normally a 2 to 5 percent transaction fee for cashing travelers' checks. Visa and Master card are also accepted in the international hotels and some restaurants.

Some international banks are now operating in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city with 24-hour cash withdrawal facilities, including ANZ bank.

What to wear

The weather is the most important thing to consider when you intend to travel to Viet Nam. It can be freezing cold in the mountainous North, and at the same time hot and humid in the Central Coast. If you are travelling in the North or in the Central Highlands during the winter, you must bring jeans and a warm coat or sweater with you. It seems that it’s always raining somewhere in Vietnam, so the light rain gear is essential to be with you on the way.