10 Hotel Manners That Can Be Considered Rude

Turn hotel rooms into landfills

Having to clean the rooms is no different from the landfill, littered by guests is something that the cleaning team often encounters. Many tenants assume that they have the right to throw things away. The cleaning belongs to the hotel. This is one of the behaviors that are judged rude, lacking in courtesy. Making sure your room is clean and hygienic before hanging a sign asking staff to clean is what polite guests often do.

Arbitrarily picking up items on the housekeeping trolley

Housekeeping staff often push a large cart carrying towels and other necessary items when cleaning an entire suite. These cars are often left in the hallway, while employees enter a room to clean. Many guests pass by these trolleys and take extra supplies to their rooms without notice.

If you need more towels or toiletries, please tell the front desk. Self-collecting can cause housekeeping staff to face shortages during their shift, leading to problems for their job.

Take food to your room when eating buffet

The morning buffet is simply breakfast, not replacing the rest of your day. Therefore, hotels expect guests to understand and not try to hide things in these buffets to bring back to their rooms. Many people brought more fruits, cakes… in this breakfast to use for the side meals of the day.

Not dressed properly when leaving the room

Many people have the habit of wearing bathrobe and pajamas to go to breakfast. The hotel is not your home. The same applies to footwear. Many guests often use slippers in the room to go downstairs. The advice given is that you should dress appropriately before leaving the room.

No respect for staff

Whether you are staying for a day, a week or a month, it is obvious to respect the hotel staff who are serving you. Many people often see them as “servants” of their own, bossy or disrespectful.

In addition to being polite to employees to create sympathy, you also have many advantages such as being ready to get their help quickly, prioritizing certain services or upgrading your room for free. “Please don’t yell, criticize or pout at them. You don’t get any benefit from doing that.”


Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, you need to remember that a hotel is a communal space. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the voice in public places, as well as adjust the sound of TV, music … in the room so as not to affect others. The same should apply when you take the elevator. Letting your children scream and play is never appreciated by the hotel, because you are annoying other guests.

No tip

Many people do not have the habit of tipping for housekeeping. Although this is not mandatory in every hotel, this act is considered as a thank you, honoring the cleaners for helping your room to be more tidy and clean.

Tips don’t need to be too much, and you can place them in the bathroom sink, on the pillow with a simple text: “Thanks for cleaning the room.” In addition, you should tip directly to the housekeeping staff, instead of giving it to the manager.

Taking advantage of others

At public spaces like swimming pools, beaches or gyms, you have a first-come-first-served basis to secure a spot. However, many people arrive early and put their robes and things on a sun lounger, but do not arrive until late afternoon. This is considered impolite, because you have been fighting for someone else’s place all morning, when in fact you have not used the position.

Waste of energy

Many people use electricity and water in hotel rooms very wastefully such as still turning on the lights, air-conditioners even after going out all day, or letting the water flow continuously when brushing teeth… Wherever you are, you need to remember that Saving energy is protecting the environment for ourselves.

Deliberately smoking in the room

Many hotels have signs prohibiting smoking in the rooms, if anyone violates them, they will be fined. However, there are still many guests who deliberately smoke cigarettes in the room, and make the smoke alarms go off.

Source: Diane Gottsman.

Posted on: 11/22/2021

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