Explore Nam Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is part of the wet tropical forest complex and one of the specious natural forests remaining in Vietnam. That is why this area is significant not only in Vietnam but in the world as well. The diversity of the Park has been recognized by WWF when this international organization selected the Park as one of 200 global ecological zones including the land and its water area with its wellknown biological diversity. In 2001 Cat Tien National Park has been listed by UNESCO as the 411th biosphere Reserve Zone in the world.

What you should know about Nam Cat Tien National Park?

Nature-lovers will love trekking through the primitive Nam Cat Tien forest, seeing rare, strange ancient trees, wood trees, colorful plants and flowers, precious herbals and medical plants. Tourists can also hire a jeep car to be carried through the forest, for a bicycle to ride around and enjoy the nature themselves. Comes together with the flora kingdom is the fauna, with various types of birds, wild and half-wild animals.


Crocodile Lake – A feature of Nam Cat Tien National Park

It is shown on Cat Tien National Park TripAdvisor page that the remarkable here is the Crocodile Lake Wetland Complex (locally called: Bàu Sấu) and the guided night safari trip to the wildlife. The crocodiles here are blended, from the common ones to the red-listed ones. It’s an amazing fact that the crocodile here is so much friendly that trekkers can sit by the lake, watching crocodiles (in the lake, of course) catch its prey (and of course, not tourists), or just simply seeing their eyes wandering around the lake surface.

What you should know about Nam Cat Tien National Park?

Spending a night in the forest

It is not enough if you just have a Cat Tien National Park day trip, you should spend a night there and enjoy a guided night safari. This is the only place in Vietnam having this service. With a price of around 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND, tourists are carried and guided through the forest and seeing the animals running around, finding their prey or hiding from their predators.

Kinh nghiệm xem thú ban đêm ở rừng Nam Cát Tiên - VnExpress Du lịch

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Posted on: 08/01/2023

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